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C'mon, you deserve a break!

Love to get together with the girls? Mix up your cocktail/mocktail (recipe and some tools/ingredients included), grab your snack and your craft kit, and hop online with us for a fun craft night once a month. 

Parties not your jam? Chill by yourself with your snack and drink, and follow along with the online video instructions for your new craft. 

Make cool new things!

Each month, a new craft or two will be in your box,  complete with written and video instructions, and all the supplies*. We'll provide inspirational images for varying the pattern, displaying the item, gifting ideas, and more.

*Occasionally, there'll be an item or two you'll need to get, like spray paint or other supplies that are impractical or illegal for us to ship to you. ☺︎

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Our mission

Having fun, relaxing, connecting with others, making pretty things, and enjoying tasty drinks and food. That's pretty much it in a nutshell.

Nothing earth-shattering, but something we all could use right about now.

Taking an hour or two out of our month to just have fun and be inspired... what's not to love?

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Cocktail time

Yup, mocktails, too. Fear not. Each box will have 1-2 quality bar tools or ingredients (bitters, mixers, etc.), a cocktail/mocktail recipe, and some occasional fun drink-y extras.  

You'll have to provide your own booze, because, well... logistics and laws. But you'll get a heads-up each month so you have the right stuff on hand at box-opening time.

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What's a party without snacks?? 

Get ready for a handpicked gourmet snack -- usually savory -- each month. We're teaming up with some awesome gourmet companies!

Gluten-free and nut-free options available. 

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Learn a new skill or two each month! Get out of that crafting comfort zone!

Join us each month and make 1-2 crafts or DIY projects that fit our month's theme and are easy enough for anyone to do in about an hour.