Foxy Dumpling Bag LARGE

Foxy Dumpling Bag LARGE

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This fully reversible Foxy LARGE Binkwaffle Dumpling Bag is a favorite of thousands of knitters and is the ORIGINAL! The  bag is fully reversible and holds a boat-load! 

For knitters and crocheters, the Dumpling Bag easily holds a couple of small Dumpling Bags or a medium to large project like a throw or sweater. The bag also works great as an overnight bag or a big ol' purse with room for the essentials and for your crafty project, too! 

The bag is reversible, so you can swap out sides on a whim! It's like two bags in one! 

This bag was originally designed by Holly approx. 6 years ago and has been sold in over 150 knitting stores in the U.S. and Canada since that time. The bags are all carefully cut, sewn, and finished by just three of us. Your purchase helps to provide for three families and to allow three women to carry on the important tradition of quality handmade products.

Fabric: Fox side (lightweight cotton woven, stabilized with interfacing)
            Coral side (poly indoor/outdoor woven)