April 2022

Happy April and Earth Day!

Here's a long-awaited rundown on what was inside the box this month...

Binkwaffle Subscription Box Insert "Life's short. Grow more Plants" 



Binkwaffle Reversible Market Tote
Great for the farmer's market, a trip to your LYS, or for a knitting project! It's fully reversible + washable, and it has pockets on the print side for your phone, stitch markers, you name it... Roll or fold it up when not in use and tie it up with the attached suede ties.

 Binkwaffle cotton linen reversible market bag

Potted Plants Vinyl Stickers
These adorable stickers from Girl of All Work are water and weather resistant, making them great for just about any application. Stick one on your laptop, your reusable water bottle... your watering can... 

Potted Plants Vinyl Stickers


Monstera Leaf Progress Keeper
Use this clip-on marker while knitting or crocheting. Great for marking the beginning of a round, the front of a sock or sweater, a crocheted round... 

Binkwaffle Monstera stitch marker progress keeper in brass



And then in the Deluxe version of the box, we also have two more items.... 

Cupcake Cozy Cake
Use this little guy on the next small skein project you have. The Cupcake size fits most balls of yarn under 50g in weight. Great for knitting two socks at a time or fingerless mitts. 
Note on use: while the larger two sizes go pretty easily onto a ball of yarn still on the ball winder, the Cupcake size is a suuuuuper tight squeeze that way. I like to put it onto my hand like I'm putting a sock onto a child's foot, scrunching it up on my hand, and then grabbing the ball of yarn like you'd hold the child's foot. Use your free hand to stretch the cozy cake onto the ball. Thoroughly confused now? Don't worry. It's not you; it's me. Check out the reel coming this week on Instagram. 
Binkwaffle Cupcake Cozy Cake yarn cozy in yellow and teal
Antique Brass Assorted Stitch Markers
These cute little things add some bling to your project without breaking the bank and requiring that you guard them with your life. You know. THOSE stitch markers you never get around to using. These are not they. Use away! 
Binkwaffle antique brass stitch markers in various shapes

So that's April 2022! What was your favorite thing in the box? Do you have a favorite project on the needles right now?

If you missed getting in on this month's box, be sure to subscribe soon for the May box.

May's theme? May Flowers. Obvi.