How to Choose the Right Project Bag Size

If Goldilocks were a knitter (or maybe she was?), I'm sure she'd empathize with our perpetual quest for the "right" bag for our handmade projects.

This one is too big. This one is too small. How to choose???


Binkwaffle Bag Sizes


So let's take a look at the various sizes of Dumpling Bags and where each one is best used. 


Baby Dumpling Bag

"You know, it'd be great if you had something small that held just one ball of yarn in it." 

Baby Dumpling Project Bag


Well, say no more! I shrank and tweaked my OG Small Dumpling Bag and voila! A super compact little guy that holds just one ball of yarn and DPNs or circular needles. It's perfect for a pair of socks (okay, maaaaybe not a men's size 15 pair by the end, but most), a hat, or a baby item. Or for knitting acorns, an addictive thing to do. Don't ask me how I know. 


Fallpaca Binkwaffle Dumpling Project Bag for Knitting and Crochet

(Hunter Hammersen's Hoard pattern is super easy and adorbs. And addictive. Did I mention addictive yet?)

I also love to use it for the first ball of yarn on most large projects, too. No need to break my back lugging around eight skeins of yarn when I'm only using one at a time anyway, amiright? I'll often use the Baby size for my swatching phase and getting started on a project. 


The overall storage area of the bag is approx. 4.5" cubed. So if you're all nerdy like me, that's roughly 91 cubic inches of space. A little smaller than a Puffs tissue box. Use that random info as you will. 


Small Dumpling Bag

The Small Dumpling Bag was my very first size 12 whole years ago. It's been the best seller all those years, although the Medium is beginning to catch up now. 

Small Dumpling Project Bag

With a 6x6x6 storage area (216 cubic inches), this guy is a little bigger than a Puffs tissue box and holds 2 to 3 balls of yarn. Or a ball or two and a notions case. 


Small Dumpling Bag Fall

Once my first ball of yarn is knitted up, I usually switch from the Baby to the Small. Or have two small projects going at once in the Small bag. It's great for shawls, scarves, bulky hats, baby sweaters, and more. 


Medium Dumpling Bag

My very favorite size bag — if I had to choose — would be the Medium. I can fit a whole cardigan in it using DK weight or smaller if I really cram it towards the end. Yet somehow, it's also not too massive to hold a smaller project, my keys, and my notions pouch. 

Medium Dumpling Project Bag

At 7.5" cubed, its storage capacity of a Medium bag comes in at 422 cubic inches. The Medium holds approx. three to five balls of yarn and is perfect for two or three small projects, larger shawls and scarves, or at least the first good bit of an adult sweater. 



Medium Dumpling Bag with Mustard cardigan

Large Dumpling Bag

Our final size — so far, at least — is the Large Dumpling Bag. At 9" cubed, that's 729 cubic inches of space, spacious enough for five to eight balls of yarn. 

Large Dumpling Project Bag


In the Large size, you can easily carry most larger projects such as adult sweaters, a baby blanket, or a couple of small project bags. 


Large Dumpling Bag with Bulky Throw




How's that for a thorough rundown on the sizes of all the Dumpling Bags? Why I've never spelled it out before, I have no idea. Deepest apologies to anyone who's had to do all that math on their own at shopping time!  Have any questions at all? Feel free to ask away