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It's quick-knits season. Whether you're knocking out a bunch of gifts or just looking for some fun little projects for the fall, check out these ideas below. 


HOARD acorn knitting pattern by Hunter Hammersen

HOARD by Hunter Hammersen (available on Ravelry)

Whip up a bunch of these guys in NO time! Knit acorn caps or forage for some real ones. Great way to use up some of your odds and ends after finishing bigger projects! 




LOST AGAIN hat by Holly McAlister of Binkwafle

LOST AGAIN hat by Holly McAlister

Why lost again? Because my darling dear husband tends to lose all his handmade hats in record time. Never anything else he owns, just his hand-knit hats. So no more intricate ones for him, no sir. Quick worsted weight ones I can crank out while watching a movie or bingeing Netflix. Love you, babe. 😘



  • 60-65g worsted weight yarn (pictured hat in Madelinetosh Vintage in Earl Grey, Malabrigo Rios in Coco)
  • 16" and 32" or longer circular needles or DPNs in US6 and US8, or size to achieve gauge of 19 st/4in and 30 rows/4in
  • 1-9 stitch markers (1 for beginning of round and 8 for decreasing at top)

NOTE I knit Continental and loosely. Like, stupid loosely. So check yer gauge on your hat! If you prefer that your hat be a little less snug or if you're my polar opposite on gauge, you might cast on more stitches. Anything divisible by 8 will still work in the pattern. 

DPNs: double pointed needles
CO cast on
PM place marker
BOR beginning of round
K knit
P purl
K2tog knit two together
St/sts stitch/stitches


Ribbing Using smaller needle and longtail cast on, CO 80 stitches.  Join in the round, being sure to not twist stitches on needle. PM at BOR. Knit in (K2 P2) ribbing for 10 rows or desired height of ribbing.  (80 stitches)

Body Switch to larger rounds for remainder of hat.  
     increase round: (k8, m1l) to end of round. (90 stitches)
     body: knit every round for approx. 7" from CO.

(Your decrease area will only add just a little over 1" of height, so here's where you have the chance to adjust the height of your hat. My hubby has a bald head, so I begin decreasing at 7". If your giftee has a larger noggin or lots of thick lush hair, keep knitting another inch or two. )

Decrease Setup Round On last round of knitting body, PM every 10 stitches. 

Decrease Follow decrease pattern below, switching to magic loop or DPNs when needed.

     row 1: (k8, k2tog) to end 
     row 2: k all stitches
     row 3: (k7, k2tog) to end
     row 4: all stitches
     row 5: (k6, k2tog) to end
     row 6: all stitches
     row 7: (k5, k2tog) to end 
     row 8: (k4, k2tog) to end 
     row 9: (k3, k2tog) to end 
     row 10: (k2, k2tog) to end
     row 11: (1, k2tog) to end
     row 12: k2tog to last stitch, k1 (if you adjust your stitch count and have an even number of stitches on this round, just k2tog all the way around)

Finishing Off Break yarn, leaving 6-8" tail. Using yarn needle, pull yarn through remaining stitches on needles. Pull tail tight, pulling tail through to underside of hat. 
Weave in ends and voila! A quick hat, ripe for the losing. And finding, I guess. Enjoy my honey's hats, all you finders!