March 2022

Happy March!

I had fun putting together some awesome notions and items that were a little more bright and colorful this month. I still swear on my latest knitting project that I read it was National Rainbow Month this month! 🤪 It's out there somewhere!

Binkwaffle Monthly Knitting Lovers' Subscription Box

But either way, it's Spring! Color, light, new life... that works, too. 😃


So! Let's do an unboxing, shall we?



BTW, deepest apologies for the shredded "paper" this month that is, in fact, not paper. It's some kind of synthetic Easter grass that was the "perfect" color, and I didn't realize the error of my ways until it was packing time. 🤦🏻‍♀️ And boy, was it a hot mess to work with!


Knitted Rainbow Sticker
Y'all, I brushed up on my Illustrator skills this month and had a blast making a 3" clear vinyl sticker with knitted arcs. I put mine on my computer, although I think I need another for my travel mug. 

boho knitting rainbow clear vinyl sticker


OTG Mini Wallet
More compact than the OG wallet, this guy fits into your smaller project bags and holds just enough of the essentials without going overboard. Made of the softest felt in a variety of bright colors, it's a must-have for me from now on!

Binkwaffle OTG On The Go Mini Knitting Notions Wallet


I-Cord Kit
I LOVE i-cords! I-cords themselves, bind-offs, cast-ons... They add such a soft squishy element to whatever you're making. I recently put together a kit devoted to i-cords, and I thought you might like one, too. With two needle sizes and a crochet hook, you can make a variety of i-cord sizes without investing in tools you might otherwise not use (looking at you, fellow Magic Loopers! Who needs 5 DPNs? And yes, it's a PITA to try to make it work on your 47" circs, passing the stitches back and forth when you're just doing an i-cord by itself.)

Binkwaffle i-cord kit with wooden double pointed needles, bamboo crochet hook, and darning needle


New to i-cords? Here is a great knitted i-cord tutorial. Or if you'd like to give the crocheted version a try, check out this tutorial. I'd never done the crocheted version until recently, and I admit it was a bit fiddly for me at first; but now I really like it. Maybe even more! 


Silicone Beads
OK, whoever came up with this idea is a genius! These little guys fit onto the ends of larger needles and entirely onto smaller needles, making great needle stoppers. I love all the fun colors and the fact that they're not so precious that it's the end of the world if I lose track of one. Not that I ever lose track of things. 😜

Colorful hexagon silicone beads for knitting needle stoppers

And then in the Deluxe version of the box, we also have two more items.... 

Removable Highlighter Tape
I love this stuff for my printed patterns, for marking rows on charts or for highlighting the instructions for a certain garment size. In fact, I even like it on my electronic patterns, believe it or not! I'll put a strip across my phone or iPad, then move the digital pattern up/down as I knit it, essentially the opposite of moving my tape along a printed pattern. 
Pink Lee Products removable highlighter tape
Poppy & Pout Lip Balm
Whether you're still somewhere cold or you're getting out in the warmer spring air, lip balm is a must. This is hands-down my favorite right now, and I can NOT decide on a favorite flavor. Made with organic products in a non-plastic container that's super cute, too... I just couldn't resist sharing my favorite find of late.
Poppy & Pout organic lip balm
Bonus tip: There's no rule that says you can't also use it as a cuticle or hand balm. I tucked one into my project bag so I always have something on hand when my hands are dry and snagging my yarn.

So that's March 2022! What was your favorite thing in the box? Do you have a favorite i-cord method?
Contents of Binkwaffle's March Deluxe Subscription Box

If you missed getting in on this month's box, be sure to subscribe soon for the April box.

April's theme? Earth Day, baby!